Five signs that you are the other woman.



Is it happening to you?  There are a few warning signs. Note that any one of these shouldn’t arouse suspicion.  Some people have different lives.  Two or more, though, is not good.

5. He Only Has Imaginary Friends

You’ve never met his friends.  He might mention them occasionally, but they never seem to be around or to be available to do anything.  It’s always just you and him, which is nice, but you kind of wonder what the rest of his life is like.

4. He’s Got A Weirdly Busy Schedule

He can only see you after he gets out of work, or on weekends, or on specific times.  Surprises are absolutely verboten.  You might not even know where he works, because he’s been vague about it. 

3. You Never See His Place

It’s always a mess, or maybe it’s being fumigated.  He’s got roommates who are “weird about visitors”.  Weeks go by and apparently he lives at the gym and his office, not his apartment.

Special exception: living with the parents.  No parent wants to hear their child having sex, and no man wants to have a talk with his dad about his sex life over breakfast.  So guys currently at home deserve a little slack on this issue.

2. Your Dates Are in Secretive Locations

A good indicator that you’re the other woman in his life is if all of your dates are in odd, out-of-the-way places like a dive bar or hole-in-the-wall diner that’s nowhere close to your place or his. Also, does he accompany you to places like the mall or in town running errands? If he always has excuses as to why he can’t go certain places, he might be trying to avoid being seen with you.  This might be one of the signs you’re the other woman.

1. His Phone Calls Are Private

Another sign that you’re the other woman is if your man always leaves the room to take his phone calls. Sure, we get private calls every now and then but not all the time! If he can’t answer his calls in front of you, he’s likely talking to his girlfriend or wife and trying to avoid any trouble from her and you. Another sign is if he always has to call you back or he’s always unreachable. He’s probably at home with his woman and has to call you back when it’s more convenient for him.

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